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Drinking wine is a pleasure and my aim is simply to enhance your enjoyment of wine

Discover the Vine aims to offer an exciting variety of wine tasting packages you can enjoy in your own home, office or a selected venue to enable you to gain more pleasure from your glass of wine.

Whether you are celebrating an office party, birthday, anniversary, engagement, selecting wine for a wedding or you would just like to know more about the choice of wine available today - Discover the Vine can take you on an interesting and fun journey.

Our latest events

A tasting of Sparkling Wine from our own Kent Vineyards


Summer is here and what better time to sample some of our delightful Sparkling Wine from our very own Kent vineyards. 

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A Taste of Italy


 Enjoy a galss or two of fabulous Italian wine and  some regional canapes  in the relaxed and informal atmosphere of the Little Bull

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Wines of the world


Did you know that there are 10,000 different grape varieties in the world? Well we can't get through all of those but if you would like to kno more about wine, style, how its made - what factors make a wine more expensive? this is the course for you

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