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About me

Wine tasting is a very social activity – a great opportunity for getting to know people and make new friends by discussing all the different wines as well as having a lot of fun along the way. That was exactly my experience back in 1996 when I started an Adult Education Course and although I didn’t know it at the time – it was the start of my lifelong passion and interest in wine.

About 20 years ago, the international wine market really began expanding and the supermarkets and wine shops began to stock a much wider variety of wine than the previous limited choices of a few white, red or rose wines. Drinking wine started to become less of a special occasion treat when going out to a restaurant and more of an everyday pleasure at the end of the day.

During this time, I began to become aware of the many different wine and grape varieties that I didn’t know existed or would never even have considered trying. How can we know what we like or don’t like if we don’t know what’s available?

After that first wine course back in 1996, I became hooked and wanted to learn more because one of the things I found so fascinating was how the same wine can taste completely different to different people!!! This is why wine tasting is so interesting – because we are all unique and although different grape varieties do have certain key characteristics – if you smell or taste something different to the next person – you can never be ‘wrong’ because that is your personal experience.

Today, the world of wine has expanded even more and is very different to that of 1996 as new wine producing regions are constantly being developed and winemakers learn new techniques which enables them to produce better quality wine - often at modest prices. However, although this expansion of wine production brings you, the consumer, more choice - it presents the dilemma of having so much to choose from - it can be overwhelming.

I can solve this dilemma by offering you a personalised service of informal wine tastings which can help you decide which wines you like and why – introduce you to new wines that you have never considered in a fun and relaxed environment. I would like to show you how wine tasting can be entertaining as well as educational and a good excuse to get together with a few colleagues, friends and even make some new ones along the way!

Since that Adult Education Course all those years ago, I have tasted many different wines from all around the world and gained professional qualifications from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) and set up Discover the Vine so that I can share some of my experiences with you and really tantalise your taste buds!!!

What can we do for you?

If you would like to discuss your forthcoming celebration please call Rowena on 07764 303816 or use the contact form provided.